About Prangli Island

Prangli island
(6,44 km2) is located on the Northern coast of Estonia.  There are three villages on Prangli  Kelnase, Lääneotsa ja Idaotsa. Small sister-islands are named Keri  and Aksi.  In history , the island has had different names: Wrangelsholm, Wrangö, Rangeluse. 

In different ages, Prangli Island has been inhabited by Swedes, Finns and Estonians. In  Soviet times, the island was a restricted border zone, like many other Estonian Islands. Today, there are about 100 inhabitants living there all year around, all of them are Estonians. Prangli islanders are very found of their little island and care a lot about old fishing traditions. The islanders have their own school, church,  small museum , library, grocery store, community house, post office and souvenir shop.

Most of the island is covered by beautiful and peaceful pine forest and junipers, that makes it a good anchorage during stormy weathers.  There as well as stony and sandy beaches on Pranglil, and on most of them  you can take a walk practically alone. One can be amazed how untouched the nature can be  here!

Prangli Island is untouched by mass tourism and  its a perfect place to take a daytrip out of the city.
More information about daytrips www.tallinndaytrip.com

Pictures: Museum of Coastal Folk, Hasso Hirvesoo, Annika Prangli